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MSX 2 title

MS title

The first ALESTE, direct continuation of ZANAC, is released in 1988 in ROM cartridge for MSX 2 (by COMPILE) and in ROM cartridge MARK III (by SEGA). The game re-use all the main elements of ZANAC, so if you have read what is ZANAC in this homepage, you know what are the great advantages of ALESTE.

Ray SD

Yuri SD

The scenario tells of an hybrid plant/artificial intelligence, DIA 51, which decided to rebel against human kind and planned its destruction. The hybrid computer is spreading as plants, with its vegetable tentacles. In the general chaos, YURI, the beloved one of our hero, RAY WAIZEN, get hurted and sent to hospital. So RAY got all the reasons in the world to wish the plague DIA 51 to be dead.
Thus begins the battle on a vertical scrolling one more time, for a hard mission but so exciting mission.

MSX cover
500x659 (101k)

Mark III cover
300x432 (34k)

The 2 versions are excellents and are references of the kind on the 2 machines, production is almost similar, but MSX version has 2 stages that MASTER SYSTEM has not (here a picture of the first MSX stage, not available on MASTER SYTEM/MARK III).

There is no MSX gallery but instead, the whole MASTER SYSTEM / MARK III version is exposed in the galleries below (and for the ALESTE specifications, just click here) :

Ending gallery

spoiler to kill all suspense, plus game Staff

For music, you can discover some remake extracts of ALESTE in MIDI in the following page



Hidden stage : To enter the famous stage 0, continue the game after having finished it, it works as well on MSX than on MASTER SYSTEM.

Begin with 9 lives : At title screen, push down, right, down, down, left, right, up, right, then start or continue the game with your 9 lives..

Sound test : At title screen, push up, down, up, left, left, down, right, up, and press a button to access the sound test.

Sound test : During introduction press "S" and "T" and spacebar of your keyboard and you will enter the sound test.