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The small rubric where I can say all the good I want about the good LPs I like, but no MP3 because some says it's EVIL... (but you can get some samples of most of these bands with all the links presents on this page or on the especially dedicated music links page)


The other page of this rubric which contains all the MIDI files available on this site, so mainly shooting games musics, but the music chronicle will remain (not often updated unfortunately)

Some CD

My last CD purchase, the live in Tokyo of IN FLAMES, the swedish band playing melodic heavy/death metal (let's say that), which was touring after their last LP release, the smashing and very complete "CLAYMAN". This purchase was logical for me, and I don't regret it. This 60 minutes live had remind me of my IN FLAMES gig in Paris (France) with all the emotions I felt, the set list also gather most of my favorites titles of the three last albums (which are "WHORACLE", "COLONY", and "CLAYMAN", only the tilte, "MOONSHIELD", is earlier). We can find on one same CD "EPISODE 666", "ORDINARY STORY", "CLAYMAN" and the terrible "SWIM" for example (why haven't we had "SWIM" in Paris !?! Yet I asked it so much), and so many titles, with the live touch and contributions, like different arrangements, a synthé-sound I like so mush, very FM TECNOSOFT/THUNDER FORCE sounding on "ONLY FOR THE WEAK", the crowd atmosphere, etc...However, this live does not sound as good as a "TOKYO WARHEARTS" from CHILDREN OF BODOM recorded live at Tokyo's club CITTA too, I regret that the crowd atmosphere is not more perceptible, on the BODOM live it was a great pleasure to hear the screaming "NOOOO !!!!" of a disappointed member of the audience when was announced the last title of the gig. But you may object that a live CD is mainly for music listening, well we can hear them afterall, Jesper Strömbald is in great form, more than in Paris (little loss of form I found in French performance, but great gig nevertheless) and Anders Friedén growling singing is as ever raging. So as IN FLAMES fan I only can recommand to you this acquisition (I'm listening to it while I'm writing these lines, and it help me for the whole update construction), I've also succeed in refering to BODOM one more time, it must be a stealth message with some myterious untold sense... Too I've not evoked my excited Paris gig memories too much, you are lucky ones...



I have decided at the unanimity of myself to promote quickly the SOILWORK last album "A PREDATOR'S PORTRAIT" that I discovered at a friend's home. The style of these Swedish is softer than before, but still punchy enough to give us a very good melodic thrash/death metal with clear heavy influences, in the IN FLAMES way but with their own qualities, innovating and varying the registers. This style is mostly appreciated since CHILDREN OF BODOM blasted the door of the "hybrid black/death/trash/heavy" kind with violents scythe hits, even if some will say it's too loud and violent for their chaste ears, and others thinks it have too much notes and melodies (?!). It's a median way which fit me perfectly and is one of the best in my opinion. The sound of this LP is very "swedish", very IN FLAMES or AT THE GATES like, but it's natural for a Fredman studio production (I'm not going to complain, I love IN FLAMES). What else to say, good compositions, various vocals (from clear vocals to growling "yieaw!"), melodies and some keyboard to top the whole in bonus, total happiness would be a SOILWORK gig in my town (and becoming rich too).



Another free promotion, fot the finnish band called ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW and their third album "CHAOTIC BEAUTY", it's not a hot news, in France the CD was released in october 2000 (the single of the forthcoming newl album is already available in Finland). We face here the melodic black metal genre, and the comparison with CHILDREN OF BODOM is tempting, but I must admit it's less technical here.Nevertheless E.T.O.S. have severals reasons to seduce : their second album was also melodic/black metal with as catchy riffs as the last opus with some heavy metal sounding sometimes, but in this third album, the keyboard is taking a more important place, adding a ambiant kind. Morever E.T.OS. don't hestate to use slow tempos to reinforce these dark surroundings, even if in the other hand the speed of a C.O.B. and the black metal origins of the band are very presents (its no Bon jovi at all !). To get a feminine touch, we have the vocals of KIMBERLY GOSS, who sing in SYNERGY, and to crown it all, the visual of the cover and booklet by NIKLAS SUNDIN (from DARK TRANQUILLITY) is really cool. You can object that my argumentation is not the most original, but on the high quality of this great album, some will agree with me, people likes ALEXI "Wildchild of Bodom" LAIHO, TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN from NIGHTWISH).In gratification this "CHAOTIC BEAUTY" offers you the super cover of the excellent BLACK TEARS of EDGE OF SANITY, I had the pleasure to see it played live in Marseille (France) on the NIGHTWISH/SINERGY tour), and despite the second-rate sound of a gig first part, it smashed me up and I can say that I wait for their return on stage in France. I hope they will gain the support of many fans and that their fourht new coming album well released in France (release in finland in october 2001), or I will be forced to get it by others ways.



The last album I wish to introduce to you is the "MENACE AND PRAYER" from the youngs Finnish of the band THRONE OF CHAOS. Now you know me a bit and I can hear you give a heavy sigh "oh no ! Another CHILDREN OF BODOM-like band!", win, more than you can expect, we are in total melodic black/death metal in a CHILDREN way, the same speed, spitefully played, but with good catchy compositions. Nevertheless the guitar parts and solos are not as brilliant as ALEXI LAIHO ones, the keyboard player is not as outstanding as the young JANNE WARMAN with his speedfull solos, but don't panic, it remains a really good album. This is the first one for this combo, it's not an excuse I gave them, this youngsters may follow the path of their "elders" to succes and glory. This "MENACE AND PRAYER" really convinced me since the first listening, Finnish and Japanese seems to have the same advice as me. THRONE OF CHAOS was signed by SPINEFARM (as BODOM) and was released in France by XIII bis records with low price, if all the first albums were at least as good as this one, would be so cool...I hope they will be on tour some day in France, and I wish them an even better second album, these talented youngs Finnish fully deserve it.

THRONE OF CHAOS "MENACE AND PRAYER" at XIII bis records (in France)


And as a conclusion, some national promotion, almost regionalistic, in order to vary from this Finland vs Seweden (this was not ice hockey game).
I discovered on a demo cd the title ERUPTION WITHIN from CHRYSALIS, a band from Montpellier (France), my residence town. As this band plays between power and melody (exactly what I like), it was logical to say a few words about it, good words because the title is cool, in a melodic heavy/death style with an alternation between male voice and feminine vocals (sung here by the guitarist, who loves IN FLAMES, very good tasting lady), I think the band is already signed at least in France. I hope I could hear more and see them live in my town. About CHRYSALIS gigs, I got the amazing surprise to find on my guestbook a message from the guitar player and main composer of the band, she tells me of some gig dates for France and a last one is planned in february in Marseille for a festival. here it is for CHRYSALIS news, I hope the audience will be ready for the rendez-vous.

Seems that someone, Murdock S.M.G., has some demo tape artefacts from the past of this band, at the time when he was also living in Montpellier (Hi there S.M.G.^_^!)...

(For officials internet sites of the quoted bands, click on their names when it's possible)