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13/11/2001: Soon we will be the 29th of november, the so awaited day of ZANAC x ZANAC release, so here comes some update to fit this news. A small updating because I'm a bit busy these days, but don't worry, even though, there's a total revision of the ZANAC x ZANAC rubric, go and see, it's just good things (yea yea, I swear it !).
Another important news is the review of another game in the PC Games rubric, IDINALOQ, a shooting game of course. Don't miss that PC Games rubric had also been completed for the review of RALLY RAID (now you will know where to download this master-piece shooting).
Otherwise,the COMPILE shooting game history rubric is completed too, with news in the following sections: ZANAC (discover the Palm-OS version), SPRIGGAN, and A.E..
The LINKS page is also updated, with some very good new links in the VIDEO GAME section.

Yep, that's all folks, for now. Wait until the 29th (or a little later) that I can purchase the new ZANAC x ZANAC , and I will test it in all the ways, I think you gonna read more about this game soon and for a long long time (I had waited so impatiently all these months!) !

08/10/2001: In spite of the tragic events which agitate the world, show must go on because life is going on, and this site will go on and still treat light minded-subjects.

The brand new english version of my site is the big news of this particular update (and big work of translation too). My english speaking and writing is not perfect and you might encounter many faults, If you want to correct me, mail me, I know I need improvement.
Another subject is the rumor which says that since the very beginning of this homepage, there would be an hidden page, the rare alive witnesses also tell that it is regularly updated as the other pages. The webmaster do not wish to comment these allegations.
Otherwise, for those who have already visited my site before, there are some news about the ZANAC NEO (pilots and stage 2 exposed!), also news in COMPILE shooting game; two new rubrics for two games, N-SUB and GUARDIC GAIDEN, moreover there is new MIDI files of ZANAC, GUARDIC and SPRIGGAN, plus some pictures in the rubrics STARBLAZER, GUNHED and DENNIN ALESTE.
Last things, little news in the MUSIC section, and the entire revision of the LINKS section which is now divided in several pages but it's much more complete in the related subjects.

Well, that's all for that time. Keep the faith !

_One more thing, CHRYSALIS will be at Beziers (France) for a gig (for more infos, let's see the Music Rubric or the Guestbook).

02/06/2001: The grand opening of this site, in french language only in the first times.