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For those who don't know, cosplay means costume playing, and it consist in dressing like a chosen character, and incarnate it for a day in convention (or for Halloween, why not?), in this present case, it is COMPILE characters dressing. This gallery should be a bit limited because of the not well known subject of cosplay, but also because of the relative lack of popularity (not in Japan) of the best puzzle game in universe: the game named PUYO PUYO (let's try it with your friends and you will see). So the rare persons who dare to honore this game monument in dressing like their favorite characters are all friends of mine. I deeply encourage all those who read me (from all over the world) in taking action and do COMPILE cosplay, then send me their COMPILE heroes costume playing photos (I hope not only the 3 people I know will be the only ones). To get an idea, I present you the original characters illustrations (if you don't know them) then the cosplayers pictures.




For initiated persons, some precisions about this gallery : you can notice that one of the shots is taken from cartoonist site, for others it's my shots, or gift from the cosplayers themselves who have collected these pics on the net. So I allow myself to use these pics, I and the cosplayers don't remenber of having signed exclusivity agreement, they are free to use their image as they want and allow me this publishing by the way. Nevertheless if you recognize one of your shots or videos, you can point out to me your art rights of photograph or video-director in writing me, and I will mention the names and addresses where these images come from (you can also send me other pics on the related characters of this page to complete) In all case, I will thank you for your involvement.


377x619 (35k)

Carbuncle 1
508x650 (63k)

Carbuncle 2
469x700 (71k)

Carbuncle 3
335x474 (25k)

Carbuncle 4

498x738 (59k)

Carbuncle 5
645x540 (53k)

Carbuncle 6
975x544 (101k)

Satan 2
365x614 (52k)

Satan 3
350x636 (56k)

Satan 3
336x560 (45k)

ARLE NADJA was at Cartoonist 1999 (Toulon, France)
THE CARBUNCLE was at BD Expo 1999 (Paris, France)
SATAN wearing shorts was at Cartoonist 2001(Toulon, France)

If you wish to see a video of the CARBUNCLE (only 557ko)

If you wish to see a video of the SATAN wearing shorts (526ko, provided by MOKO NA)
To dowload the same video but in high quality, it's here (zipped 2,6 Mo)

oh! an anonymous carbuncle fan
337x520 (25k)