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Because of the game MAO GOLVELLIUS from COMPILE, adventure/action game (some will say zelda-like and I will not agree) released in 1987, I think, on MSX in ROM form, and in 1988 on Master System (Mark III) and finally a renewed version on MSX2/2+, always in 1988 . You will find pictures of all the differents versions in the screenshots gallery even if the latest one, SHIN MAO GOLVELLIUS, seems to be very difficult to emulate (with all the emulators I tryed).

I have enjoyed this game so much, with its various actions scenes (from shooting game-like scenes[yes!] to plateform game) and its main character ; a wandering youth in pursuit of chimera, saved from his time spent in the wilderness (and desert) by a women. His nature, his design, the point "lost and wandering" even if it's him the "hero" made him very endearing for me, more than the stereotypes as the "I'm-the-hero and the-princess-who-long-to-mary-me have been abducted but no prob! I'm here to save her (ok guy, but your only default is that ridiculous green bonnet on your head)".
In GOLVELLIUS, the woman of the game, RENA, is also of a good kind, she doesn't hesitate in putting on her mail armor, taking her sword and horse, and raising troops to solve (dissolve into pieces?) the problemes of the kingdom. A woman of character, ask to the KELESIS of the game at the end of the adventure when he try to lose the "young and sweet innocent".
If you wish to see more about the characters of this game don't hesitate to visit the portrait gallery of GOLVELLIUS.

Golvellius characters

Finally, I needed a nickname on the web, and that one was in a corner of my mind since all that years, moreover it allows me to promote this great game, and to propose some illustrations, too rare in my advice (if someone can help me getting more, I will be grateful). To stay on the subject, if COMPILE, company blessed by the gods of game for having created the best puzzle-game in the whole universe, could make a sequel to GOLVELLIUS first opus, it would make me happier than now (because a new ZANAC is already magnificient good news).

Kelesis and Rena B&W

Perhaps more illustrations and screenshots in the future...