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Aleste 2 B&W
406x552 (90k)

1989, the year of the release of the best shooting game for MSX 2 in the vertical way, and certainly one of the best in shooting game history (it's my advice). COMPILE has released this game in 3 floppy disks, and had succeeded in doing more beautiful, more difficult, more of all in fact than in the first episode, I can only exhort you to play this terrific and wonderful master-piece if you never did it before (even with an emulated version if you don't have a MSX, it's better than nothing).

The action take place 20 years after the fight against DIA 51, in 2039. RAY WAIZEN is now an officer serving on a space cruiser since his brave deeds in first ALESTE. In this 20 years, he also had the time to give concrete expression of his union with YURI in the form of a splendid daughter, who might be over 19 years old. Nevertheless, an unknown space fortress appeared from nowhere start a massive attack, beginning with the cruiser of RAY who perish in this aggression. The mysterious enemy seems to be humanoid and plant hybrid but I can figure out their origin, their leader GAIZEL has planned the destruction of mankind. RAY's daughter, ELLINOR WAIZEN, who is pilot as her father, is going to face this unequal struggle to save mankind and get revenge for her father's death.

Ellinor 1 (DS 8)
408x408 (40k)

Ellinor 2 (DS 8)
192x378 (17k)

That is the main plot of this NEO BIO CYBER SHOOTING ALESTE 2, other scenes occurs during the game but I let you discover the fate of all the characters by yourself. The game is as always perfectly conceived and programmed. If you think it's too easy, keep the select key pressed (on keyboard) while you are starting a new game, and you will gain access to sound test and difficulty level selection. There are 3 differents difficulty levels written in Japanese kanjis ; the first is HITO for normal human being, the second is KAMI for gods, divine beings, and the last is ONI for demon (I succeed in finishing it, and I can confirm, it's truly diabolical, I strongly advise you not to do in delicacy but to use weapon n6).

MSX Cover
448x600 (89k)

In derived goods, I found few things, the ALESTE 2 paper-plane, and the mini CD of the DISC STATION 8 with remix of one music of the game (and a BLASTER BURN remix too). If someone possess that CD or MP3, it will make me the happiest man on earth to hear it.
While I'm waiting, I had promised not to mention serial numbers and specifications of ships in COMPILE shooting game, well... I lied :
Ellinor uses the one-seater plane VF-80286
Length : 16,7m
Wingspan : 10,31m
Height : 5,37m
Weight : 26,7t (almost as a Sukhoi su-27 Flanker for comparison)
Power plan : Greenmail V/stol 2500kg
Maximum speed : mach 4,5
But where did he get all this precious informations ? Promised, I'll stop...

To be forgiven, a MIDI Music section, click on ELLINOR SD

Few galleries and some screenshots found on the net and particulary on ENRICO BARBISAN's site, Italian website where you can find other MSX game shots (I thanks ENRICO BARBISAN for his kind answering to my demands).