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ALESTE GAIDEN is not mentionned on the official site, yet it really exists. It's not as good as the other ALESTE because, on contrary of others, it's an one floppy disk game only for MSX 2 released in a DISC STATION Special (n4 I think). So it's a mini game as usual in this disk magazine, but it's not a bad game, we can find elements of ALESTE series and some original parts.
Yes indeed, this vertical scrolling shooting game of 1989 allows you to play a human running on ground instead of a flying plane, so it add the possibility of jumping, in order to develop a little platform side, with holes and moving plateforms, all this while your enemy shoot at your character. Moreover, music are also very nice and I regret the lack of sound-test to enjoy the wonderful theme of last stage.

In that episode which look like a side story, you play the role of RAY WAIZEN equipped with a cyber-ninja combat armor in order to defend MUROMACHI CITY against the eternal threat of DIA 51, the degenerate A.I. of the first episode but here working at a smaller scale, the human scale, infiltrating human race (?). In first episode, DIA 51 was playing more in the mass destruction division. I can't tell where or when in the series this episode could take place, all is written in Japanese so it's really hard to understand fully (got to mention the game is also known as ALESTE BIO CHALLEGE).

Intro gallery

One more time, I don't have many things to show, but I wish to thank ENRICO BARBISAN for 2 screenshots of this page, however let's see the intro gallery above, its propose two introductions, one is from a DISC STATION.

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