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Christmas Blaster Burn

I can note the appearance of BLASTER BURN in the DISC STATION 8 of 1990, this disk magazine (in floppy disk) was proposing, among all the mini games, a little shooting game (in the vertical way) with a particular mode.
Your ship can level up with experience points, there is also separated parts as engine or weapon which can be bought to boost up the BLASTER BURN, parts available at the shop with the mysterious salesman (revenge of death?).

You can save the levels of your ship, and the game continue beyond the other DISK STATION issues, as updates, the main game is the same, but new stages came every months. This is confirmed by the january 1991 issue of MSX Magazine which mention some tips for a BLASTER BURN stage that I don't know, in the DISC STATION 10. This fact is that there more than one updates, the BLASTER BURN series must have at least 10 episodes in the whole DISC STATION production.

Stage EX (3k)

The few screenshots here are not perfect because of the bugs of emulator.