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Made by COMPILE (most probably in the begining of the team), this game was released by SEGA on SG-1000 (SG stand for Sega Game 1000), a 8 bit game system, ancestor of the Master System or Mark III in Japan. I can't tell a lot of things about this ROM cartridge, yet at that time (1983 it's far) in Europe, people don't know (or only few) about this kind of machines and japanese games. I can say that it's a converted version of an arcade game of 1981 by SEGA in the first place.

But let's take a look to screenshots below, it looks like MSX 1 game. To see more about it, go to official site, until I get the emulated ROM, this is the only solution for you.

Don't worry, the first years are poorly illustrated, but once we reach the 1986, period it's better, because I knew the games by that blessed time, and I had almost played them. If you can bring some elements to complete, it would be a pleasure...