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Again, few informations, E.I. was released by SONY in 1984 on MSX 1, a ROM cartridge of course. Same problem as previously, if I found the ROM, I could do my own captures. The full title is certainly EXA INNOVA, and yet, seing the enemy attack we can see what future game would be, it looks like the missile in ZANAC and ALESTE which open to let a 3 wave missile strike you.

Be patient, my research will go on and more shots will come, don't forget it's only a pre-version.

I can formulate some free speculations if you want : titles of E.I. and A.I. are very similar in their form, may be there is a link between the 2. More risky speculation, the titles of the ZANAC series also have some letters at their end, as ZANAC A.I. or ZANAC EX, is there is any relation ?
It's not sure, for ZANAC A.I., it could mean "Artificial Intelligence", indeed we can fight one A.I. in the game (let's see the end boss, a giant hybrid brain). By the way, think about these speculations until I get the ROM.