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In 1988 on FAMICOM or NES is released GUARDIC GAIDEN, a ROM cartridge, sort of sequel to GUARDIC. Here, the game seems to be released by IREM, but for sure it's a pure COMPILE game, composed of 2 sort of game intertwined :

The first mode is classical shooting game with vertical scrolling, very close to ZANAC and ALESTE series (there's even some guests stars as you can see in the boss screenshots gallery). The story tells us that an alien race had send sort of death star, giant ship containing worlds inhabited by aggressives monsters (it's the U.S. version of the story) and you must fight them many times in shooting phases.

In the second mode, the pilot must explore the rooms of this giant base; it's here an adventure/shooting action mode where you must solve the mysteries of this alien race and do all you can to get the things to counter attack. Indeed the game reminds me of GOLVELLIUS in a space opera kind, in an ALIEN SYNDROME way but with more search. To open some teleport pod, you must obtain special weapons, the character (a girl) can gain levels with experience points, buy in some rooms the weapons and objects needed (the salesman looks familiar to me), you will met alien boss in this mode too. Even music reminds me of GOLVELLIUS sound team. For the music part, you can discover these themes ans those of the ancestor GUARDIC in the following rubric :


So a game which highly interest me twice, and it will be exposed one day on this page, for now; some screenshots made by me and some found on the net.