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Front cover SG-1000

302x414 (29k)

GULKAVE, released in 1986, for SG-1000 in MY CARD (sort of ROM cards as those of the MASTER SYSTEM) and for MSX 1 in ROM cartridge.

SG-1000 title

MSX 1 title

On the ZANAC official site, it is said that PONY CANYON released the game, but I remember that on MSX, SEGA was on the title screen, but it's truly a COMPILE game. For what I saw of the game (my version crashes at a specific stage, the 12 or 16 I think), we find the COMPILE know-how, a little bit more background scenery and scrollings, it was rare by that time. I forgot to mention that GULKAVE is a horizontal scrolling game, enemey ships as always look like those which are to be found in the future shooting series, ZANAC (released the same year) and ALESTE, can also be found the same vicious attacks, the same semi boss and stage end boss, fortress-like boss with several gun turrets (here seen by the side and not from above).



There is more screenshots on official ZANAC page but some are in the following gallery

Gulkave Gallery

If you got an un-bugged ROM, you know what to do. The SG-1000 version screenshots (and the MARK III front cover of ALESTE) come from a Japanese site about SEGA old game computers : SEGA OLD MACHINE