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POWER STRIKE II was released in Europe and U.S.A. by SEGA for Master System, and for the first and only time, this COMPILE game was not released in Japan.

This ROM cartridge of 1993 give you the role of a pilot, a pothunter living in the 30's, because the skies and coasts near Italy are plundered by pirates, they became pirates after the 1929's crisis, a way of getting money, but an outlaw way of living. In this "shodown above Adriatic" context, you will fly in a vertical scrolling shooting game of course, it's here really kinda MASTER SYSTEM version of an ALESTE 2, the common points with MSX version don't let any doubt survive (except the hybrid hi-tech/1930 machinery), another common point is that the game pulls out the best of the machine on which it was programmed. The SEGA 8 Bit give its best and the result is a wondreful game, for sure the best realisation of that kind for this game console (not joking, sprites are so incredibly numerous!). POWER STRIKE II is the worthy successor of POWER STRIKE (the name of first ALESTE for other country than Japan, released in 1988 on MASTER SYSTEM, so eternal ALESTE).

Below are some screenshots galleries to illustrate my words.


Omake graphics : End the game, you will have differents graphics in the option mode after that, they are in relation with the difficulty level, each difficulty level has its own CG. If you think that finishing POWER STRIKE 2 in Wild difficulty level is too hard for you, or if you don't have the time, then visit the gallery above and you will see all the omake graphics.