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Spriggan mark 2 SD
407x461 (53k)

This SPIGGAN MARK 2 has no relation with SEIREISENSHI SPRIGGAN, still distributed by NAXAT, this 1992's Super CD-ROM is completely different, it propose a horinzontal scrolling shooting game, a rare thing for COMPILE.
You are the pilot of a combat robot, and the game is most like SIDE ARMS. (ah it reminds me of cool musics of this SIDE ARMS, it was a blessed time with some FORGOTTEN WORLDS and STRIDER, the great CAPCOM musics, before the Street-Fightering dark ages, but let's come back to the subject...).

The plot seems complicated, a space settlers story may be in war against Earth, schemes, factions, underground factions, betrayal, here are all the components of this fight of humans against humans. In this turmoil live the main character, GREG. It's all I can say about the story, if you can complete...Another disturbing detail, the space colony at LAGRANGE POINT, there's also a space colony like that in MUSHA ALESTE scenario, is there a scenario link between the games, or just some coincidence or reference ? SPRIGGAN Mk 2 is taking place in the same world as our ALESTE, before, after ? It's only speculations but who knows...

Front cover
644x634 (196k)

The game itself is a very good production, but it's true that on NEC, in horizontal scrolling kind, WINDS OF THUNDER remains the best, and to be more general I will mention the unquestionable supremacy of TECNO SOFT's THUNDER FORCE series in that genre (ho, another game company which worked a lot on MSX, for a coincidence...).Nevertheless this SPRIGGAN remains a very good game for this console (at a normal price, because today, with words COLLECTOR and NEC in the same phrase, video game dealers think they can con us with impunity).

No screenshots but a mecha gallery


A last detail, the japanese voice actor of GREG is KAZUKI YAO, he's also the voice actor of RANCE in RANCE original video animations, adapted from the RANCE games series by ALICE SOFT which last since many years on japanese computer from MSX to FM-TOWNS (and as I appreciate RANCE...).
In the same way, MARVY, a GREG colleague, had for voice actor the late lamented SHIOZAWA KANETO, another well known voice actor with many famous roles, as MABOROSHI SAKYO in BURAI (NEC and MCD), RANDOM HAJILE in SNATCHER (MCD, NEC, SATURN, PSX), the ninja GREY FOX in METAL GEAR SOLID (PSX) and so many other ones. In animation, he was the japanese voice of RAY in HOKUTO NO KEN, for example, he dubbed so many others anime character. Unfortunately, Mr KANETO has left us, so I pay one's last respect to him.

By the way, thanks to SELIOS for lending me the game, now I only got to take screenshots (goddam emulator which does not fully work on my machine ! ...)