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What can I say about the merits of this charming japanese illustrator ? I think the few pictures presented in this gallery answer this question well and justify the presence of her talented artwork on my homepage. Instead of spending too much time studying her brilliant and amazing high skilled style, I will present you quickly the part of her production that I know, it's not an easy thing to do because her works are hard to find in France and even on the worldwide web.

As an illustrator she must have worked (and still work) on illustrations for novels collections or things like that. So I can't say the origins for some illustrations, perhaps is she making manga too ? For the novels I found on the net three covers of a samurai novel collection (it seems to be), novels are by MIHO MIZUNO, I have never seen these illustrations before since their discovery so I present them to you.

Another part of AYAMI KOJIMA's work is less confidential for us ; her design and illustrations work for video game. Nevertheless, one more time, it's hard to purchase all these games in Europe or even get informations (japanese is a rather difficult language) ; I counted one wargame in medieval Japan on playstation by KOEI (the samurai illustration below); a card battle game on wonderswan whose hero seems to be the swordman below in the gallery. Another Saturn and playstation game is entirely designed by AYAMI KOJIMA, it's SOLDNERSCHILD (which seems to be direct descendant of TERRA PHANTASTICA on Saturn designed by AKIHIRO YAMADA [Ho Ho ?! ], a look to introduction, scenario, etc is enough to be convinced...).

Obviously, the best is yet to come, her work which is famous all around the world is the design for playstation and Saturn game DRACULA X : NOCTURNE IN THE MOONLIGHT from KONAMI also known as CASTLEVANIA X : SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT for the rest of the world, the game and booklet include splendids illustrations and a mini manga story of the game prologue. This lead me to the latest known work of AYAMI KOJIMA, character design and jacket cover of the new edition of the CASTLEVANIA/DRACULA from computer Sharp X68000 to playstation (CASTLEVANIA CHRONICLES), one of my favorite version is thus renovated by one of my favorite artist.

Dracula X68000

309x450 (74k)

442x625 (102k)

Samurai wargame
440x616 (96k)

450x681 (86k)

Illust 01
692x640 (135k)

illust 02
330x378 (59k)

To see more AYAMI KOJIMA illustrations, I recommend you the Amy's little world where you can find a larger art gallery, with everything about DRACULA X and some beautiful winamp skins AYAMI KOJIMA . As regards the new edition of DRACULA / CASTLEVANIA X68000 I recommend you the KONAMI page on the subject (click here if japanese letters don't scare you) and if you don't know about X68000, the X68000 Games Pile will answer your questions and will allow you to test this great machine through emulation (but since a little time, the site has become not free for games download, let's have a look even so), to discover great games particularly in 2 dimensional shooting game, and of course the inescapable DRACULA (tough game but so good).

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