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Author/manga artist, designer/illustrator for video games or role playing games, AKIHIRO YAMADA holds many fonctions simultaneously and he brilliantly gets away with it, with a craft way of working and a style which can evoke the FRANK FRAZETTA one in some way. As for AYAMI KOJIMA, a lot of his works are unknown to me, as the short comic stories collection, or the works he could have done for japanese role playing game manuals as LODOSS. So how many known works can be attached to him ?

Well first of all, the comic book LODOSS TO SENKI : LADY OF PHARRIS which reveals him, in France particulary where this book is translated and distributed. We must mention that AKIHIRO YAMADA is not the scripwriter here, the scriptwriter is the author of the LODOSS concept (it explains that little A.D.D. side). Still in Heroic Fantasy domain, he took part with other illustrators in drawing for a japanese card game called CHAOS GEAR, sort of MAGIC card game. He also made some covers for CHTULU (R.P.G. or novels ? I can precisely say).

The work of AKIHIRO YAMADA don't stop with that ; He designed many video games:
MYSTIC ARK on SFC, DRACULA XX (CASTLEVANIA VAMPIRE KISS for other countries) still on SFC. It's fun to see that as AYAMI KOJIMA he also worked on the vampiric series from KONAMI. He must have worked on 2 other games on SFC (I can't tell what was his part on these works). We can confirm his involvement in the cover design of PC ENGINE games as MIGHT AND MAGIC 3 and WIZARDRY I.II and II.IV. Therefore comes TERRA PHANTASTICA on Saturn, very complete heroic-fantasy wargame entirely designed by him, there's also MEREMANOID, playstation R.P.G. where you can play a mermaid. You may found illustrations of some of his productions in the following gallery below, so you will be able to estimate the talent of this illustrator. Moreover, his design of the Dark Child from TERRA PHANTASTICA reveals that he must know SYMPHONY X, what a tasteful man...

AKIHIRO YAMADA's design work also concerns arcade game with two games, and PC 98 side too with two R.P.G. one of which is named BLACK RAINBOW, I actively search this last one for my PC 98 emulator. To conclude this inventory which is not complete, I will mention his work on two other Playstations games, FRONT MISSION 3 from Square soft (which illustration on telephone card is above in this page) and a new MYSTIC ARK MABOROSHI GENKIJO still edited by ENIX, the cover is presented above in this page.

Illust 01

481x630 (91k)


798x672 (189k)

Illust 02

481x680 (105k)

Dracula XX

420x628 (109k)

Mystic Ark

965x701 (228k)

706x732 (126k)

Here is the end of this little incomplete listing when we know all the manga or illustrations works for magazines or novels which are not available for some european like me, if you can help and complete this presentation, let me know...

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