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In order to thank you for your visit, and for your loyalty, I propose you some wallpapers I like.

First, the official one of my site, with CARBUNCLE kun, obvious mascot of an almost COMPILE dedicated site

1024x768 (77k)

Therefore, BRIGANTY wallpaper, a good and full speed action game from PC 98 (of course, with some suggestives scenes, but really very fun to play)

1024x768 (223k)

CHRONO TRIGGER is for me the best Square game and from far, so it's logic to propose this kind of wallpaper, I love CHRONO TRIGGER so much...

1024x768 (145k)

But I also like KONAMI and the METAL GEAR series (yes even MSX versions, the METAL GEAR SOLID SNAKE on MSX 2 is for me the best ever), here is a Snake and a Metal Gear for your screen

1024x768 (107k)

One rubric is missing to my homepage, about PHANTASY STAR, but I often think of it). Until then, I only propose this PHANTASY STAR ONLINE wallpaper SONIC TEAM (about PHANTASY STAR, I recommend you to take a look at this japanese site which propose some fan-art, the last NEI FIRST is really smashing !)

1280x1024 (170k)

Here it's not a wallpaper, but a game cover picked up at GENERATION MSX, from the VALIS series, which is special to me, I really loved it, a kind of feminine CASTLEVANIA like game, hard levels and accompanied with good musics (themes from the two first epidoes are immortals to me), real cool illustrations for climax scenes improving the atmospheres of the plot. I still searching floppy (or hard drive) disk image for PC 98 and X68000 emulators (with no bugs), if you can help my mail is at the bottom of the page...

441x558 (75k)

It's not new nor unpublished material, but I like so much the main shooting series of TECNOSOFT that it needed at least a little walpaper as tribute, in order to wait the THUNDER FORCE 6 release (so I hope, if some news come about this hypothetical sequel, i will tell you on this page, promised)

800x600 (122k)