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The COMPILE site in japanese, COMPILE is kind of main subject on my site so I recommend you to go there if you want to know more about this great video game company

Here is a very good and complete site dedicated to M.U.S.H.A. ALESTE on Megadrive, go and see (it's an order!), It's in french or in spanish and it is complete on the subject, you will be satisfied for sure. Can find some links to others shooting game site


An almost central site of the giant KONAMI, which allow you to navigate to the so many differents site of the firm if you understand a bit Japanese writing

One of this several side-site of KONAMI where you can discover some up-coming games as the most awaited METAL GEAR SOLID 2 (the fourth of the saga), moreover some pages were translated in english

For the CASTLEVANIA / DRACULA fans a wonderful site, full of informations and links, to perfect your KONAMI knowledge and take a look to the shots of X68000 game tribute on Playstation (I love that game)


Another Japanese page but this time about PHANTASY STAR. Here you can find the character designer of PHANTASY STAR 3, TOYO OZAKI, who continues in giving us some CG of the famous saga on his website

As above a japanese website with PHANTASY STAR, If you find the art gallery you will see some fan-arts, really good looking art, with characters from the whole saga (rhaa Shirka and Nei First ! Splendid !)

A smashing very complete site, in english, full of fan-arts, and a project of PHANTASY STAR fan-game which seems to be cool (characters from P.S.O. are converted in 2D sprites) plus many other good things

The last PHANTASY STAR page I will recommend you, in english, general and complete. With all the links of these four sites you will be able to find the P.S. webring and all what you are looking for in this domain


The official site of TELENET, the makers of the VALIS saga, we can also find the productions of WOLF TEAM on this site. I hope TELENET will soon cease doing pachinko games and give us a new great game as they were doing by that time (not so far enough)

A really very good japanese site where you will discover the origins of the VALIS saga through the images (and even sounds) of the first versions on PC-88, 98, and MSX 2. If you like VALIS you must go there to take a look, you will also easily find a link to DRACULA X mini fan-games, very fun indeed (for PC and MAC)

3D VALIS is another japanese site dedicated to the saga, It has english version and propose 3D CG but also 2D ones. Moreove it makes an inventory of many sites with VALIS fan-art or VALIS dedicated pages

An excellent fan-site over WOLF TEAM and TELENET, talking of VALIS of course, but we can find some EL VIENTO and other ARCUS from the dead and gone WOLF TEAM which was so dear to my heart, available here fan-art (with the talented HIVIKI ) and a lot of MIDI files, etc...absolutly obligatory visit

Another good japanese site where you can find many things about VALIS, rough designs, cover and illustrations, especially about the first episode. There are other games rewieved of course

RINKY's homepage, another Japanese, he will propose you a complete retrospective of MOTOI SAKURABA's entire works, the main musician of WOLF TEAM. He proposes a detailled rundown of his works and discography, also some links to find MIDI adaptations. To complete this idyllic panel, RINKY also offer you his own music adaptations for SC-88, also available in MP3, I deeply recommend you his marvellous interpretation of "to make the end of battle" from YS 2


The company of LUNAR and GRANDIA, which succeed in making two games that I love on playstation 2, SILPHEED (excellent shooting game which ancestor was on PC-98) and GUN GRIFFON adapted from SATURN, and I like these games as well for their game play than for their great mecha design, go and judge by yourself

The incredible TECNOSOFT which had made so for the video game and shooting game since the far times of PC-88, X-1, FM-7 and others MSX, well especially with the THUNDER FORCE series (perfect shooting games, for those who don't know), watch it, if one day THUNDER FORCE 6...Who knows ?

Since the MEGADRIVE, TREASURE gave us dream, they wrote a part of the history of shooting game with the amazing RADIANT SILVERGUN, so at the approach of the arcade release of very similar game (IKARUGA, RADIANT sequel ?), I was obliged to link them for you

The ANCIENT official site, the japanese company of THOR, and where we can find the miraculous wonder brothers AYANO and YUZO KOSHIRO who gave us so much pleasure for so many years (yes, who don't know YS, THE SUPER SHINOBI, STREET OF RAGE/BARE KNUKLE or ACTRAISER...). Moreover there is an english version of the site with a messageboard/forum where Mr YUZO KOSHIRO himself answers you and delivers the secrets of his musical work

TWINKLE SOFT, a dojin game site, or if you prefer an amateur game site. It propose among others the wonderful shooting game RALLY RAID, rewieved in my PC rubric, and others games seems excellent too and all availables for download (don't hesitate, it's shooters for your PC, free, excellent, and really easy to install). In a single word; essential !!

Music and a simple life, that's the name of this site, the homepage of XACS ISHIKAWA, pro musician in video game (and semi-pro because he worked on the music and sound of the dojin game RALLY RAID), with his page, you can discover all the aspects of his works

Namikaze project, another dojin game site where you will be able to download the amateur shooting IDINALOQ, rewieved in my PC-Games rubric. It's a japanese site but an english version is here to guide you too, so you won't have any excuses if you don't get this beautiful IDINALOQ


A smashing site about MSX, with very complete chronicles well illustrated, reviewing lot of MSX games from COMPILE to KONAMI, FALCOM and the others, a good way for younger ones to (re)discover the great computer MSX (trough emulators for example), visit extremly recommended by an overjoyed customer

An emulation site which I greatly appreciated, all you must know to emulate this wonderful computer and discover the great X68000 soft library (an unforgettable DRACULA/CASTLEVANIA, a lot of action games, terrible shooting gamess...), on the other hand the site had changed a lot since I knew it and seem more restricted on dowloads with a payment system

Another emulation site, but of NEO-GEO CD that time, after all there is great shooting games on this machine (ah ! Twinklestar Sprites and other Blazing Star)