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The official site of CHILDREN OF BODOM, the punchy Finnish combo I adore which blasted me (also physically) in the Paris gig of february 2001
Another BODOM site, the best fan site and the most complete, it's not an exaggerationet . So YIEAWWW ! FOLLOW THE REAPER !

The Finnish music label, I listen many bands and a lot are from this label as NIGHTWISH, RAPTURE, THRONE OF CHAOS, BODOM and others... So to get plenty of officals band site addresses, let's take a look at the SPINEFARM page

The metal band with KIMBERLY GOSS as singer, ALEXI "WILDCHILD" LAIHO (BODOM) and ROOPE LATVALA (who was in the thrash band STONE) as guitar players, a great line-up which gave me unforgettable memories with the live in Marseille 2000 (France)

The side project of the BODOM keyboard player, JANNE, with very specials guests, KIMBERLY GOSS and ROOPE LATVALA from SINERGY (again), JARI KAINULAINEN from STRATOVARIUS,...So many reasons to link it indeed

A melodic speed metal band improved by the magnificient lyric voice of TARJA TURUNEN, and by the talented compositions of their keyboard player TUMOAS HOLOPAINEN, one more time another great music experience with albums or live gigs (please come back soon in France!!)

E.T.O.S. said briefly, some very well done melodic black metal, their third album (the superb CHAOTIC BEAUTY) had enchanted most of the music player from the bands quoted above, the fourth one is coming soon so wait and see (or hear)

The combo of Finnish cellos rockers, they are in metal spirit and they are well known for their METALLICA covers, the last LP named CULT is in my opinion the best, proposing for most of the CD splendid and enchanting original compositions (I know that some will say I use too much superlatives but listen to them and you may understand)

The website of veteran Finnish band of the melodic speed/power metal scene, another style I like so much, let's test the BLACK DIAMOND and other VISIONS and it will conquer you too

The SONATA ARTICA page, a young band from northern Finland very "STRATOVARIUS" like but which mature in their own style, their second LP release SILENCE is excellent and I hope I will see them again and again touring in France


IN FLAMES, Swedish melodic heavy death metal, raging but melodic, IN FLAMES it's great, from LPs to gigs (Ha ! My moved memories of their last gig in Paris, you must have already read things like that in the music rubric so...)

Another "BODOM / IN FLAMES" kind of band from the nordic cold, these thrash Swedish are not pale copies either and they have their own way of playing, purchase the PREDATOR'S PORTRAIT is obligatory if you have good tastes

The SYMPHONY X site, the brilliant and divine power prog metal band from America, don't have their albums from the third named DIVINE WINGS OF TRAGEDY to the latest V is a real crime against music, if you don't know them go to this site, it will send you to national site when they exist

Precisely, here is the link to go directly to one of these national site, the french one, to get initiated to the pleasures of SYMPHONY X in the language of Moliere. Don't miss them if they play in your town, their live album is here to prove that SYMPHONY X is also excellent on stage

A german speed metal band, epic and melodic which run the metal scene since so many years, delivering to us unforgettable hymns like the BARD SONGS, and whose concept album NIGHTFALL IN MIDDLE EARTH (dedicated to TOLKIEN's SILMARILLION) deserves itself all the praises permitted by any language


The VIDEO GAME MUSIC ARCHIVE, an important MIDI data base where you may found some of the MIDI music files available on my own site and also many others from many different machines (some DRACULA/CASTLEVANIA, PHANTASY STAR, THUNDER FORCE, or YUZO KOSHIRO, and others, all coded in MIDI)