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IDINALOQ is the name of that dojin game, or amateur game if you prefer. This one is a shooting game (of course) and made by NAMIKAZE PROJECT. It's for your PC of course, so what about this amateur shooting ?

I'll try to be short, it doesn't look like "amateur" at all, or one more time in a good sens of the word. You'll just have to take a look at the screenshots, and you wil see that it's a SILPHEED or RAYSTORM game type, with a high quality 3D background, graphics are excellents. At NAMIKAZE, people just pushed to the maximum to get a pro looking result, for the visual side but also in all the game parts. We got here good musics, 4 differents pilots (and one surprise) with their own designs and their own voice actress, animation is very good too, and the game also propose opening and ending videos, with 2 songs. The introduction is animated and with animated CG, of all that efforts results a very good looking shooting game, with a complete and detailled design.

If you want to see more introduction screenshots, check this gallery.

The plot, very classical indeed, some pilots defending the earth, each pilots have their own ship with proper caracteritics, and a specific weapon (3 for each ship, 2 are commons to all ship). You also have a shield and a powerful laser, activated by combination of shot buttons.

To discover every pilots and their space ship, go and check this gallery.

So, IDINALOQ is perfect ? Unfortunately, I have 2 reproaches to make, first of all, the infinite continue mode (I think it lower the interest of that kind of game). And, secondly, the fact that there is only 4 stages to go, I understand that making such a game is difficult (with work and weight) and don't allow games of 150 stages, but when it's good and beautiful as IDINALOQ is, I wish it could last a little longer (please NAMIKAZE PROJECT, do us some sequel !). Nevertheless, we can finish the game with every pilots afterall.

To see more IDINALOQ pictures:





On the technical and install side, it's perfect one more time, for me it worked without any difficulties, create a directory for your game, unpack the file and put it in, for videos, put it in the "mov" directory, and that's all. Without download time, it's ready to play within a minute. For more infos or minimum system requirements, I'll send you back to official site where all is exposed (in Japanese and in English). For info, with my w§nd§ws 98, I took version 1. 0. 2 (wave 22khz) which is about 20 Meg, and the videos pack for 23 Meg (low rate modem, do as i do, download IDINALOQ at a friend's home with some hi-rate connection).

So I sum up, to find and download IDINALOQ and visit the official site:


For IDINALOQ particular pages at NAMIKAZE:
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