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Here is a great game, personnally I was totally conquered. TWINKLE SOFT gave us a wonderful shooting game for PC, TWINKLE SOFT it's about ten persons who have concocted for us this little amateur masterpiece. This game is Japanese, but the friend who lend it to me was playing under an European w§nd§ws, on my PC it has also worked well as soon as I got a recent direct X (the 8 to be exact), it's not necessary to own a big infernal 3D calculator device to play this game.
So that ends the configuration chapter, the game itself, it was a very risky exercise in that genre, I don't know any good shoot'em up on our PC, nevertheless it musn't be so hard to do, even the MSX was doing it (apparently it was hard, good old MSX Rules !).

Well, in fact it's a true success, these amateurs are amateurs in the noble meaning, their game is an excellent compromise between RADIANT SILVERGUN from TREASURE and RAY STORM from TAITO, with the touch of so easy gameplay which is so usual in japanese shooting games. These inspirations are notable in the graphic part of the game, classical 2D with 3D elements inserted, in the stages scenery for example which are good, fully moving and various. But the staff had also seize the spirit of their elders (TREASURE and TAITO), we often note attacks very RAY STORM or LAYER SECTION-like, with these homing lasers, or the several shots in crossed streams from RADIANT, as another example, the damage contact zone of your ship is very small and score is getting higher when you try to skim enemy shots intentionally. Even the stirring MIDI musics sound like ZUNTATA ones, it's not a blame, they are perfect in this case of full action game.
In order to prove it, you can download 3 of them below

_STAGE 3 zipped 3k
_STAGE 4 zipped 13k
_STAGE 5 zipped 10k

Moreover one of the game musician has signed my guestbook, XACS ISHIKAWA (Thanks a lot ^_^), it allows me to precise some points, he also worked on other shooting game musics for TWINKLE SOFT on PC, as BARRAGE TRIBE and EXCESS FRACTION or even on X68000 with CY LIPS or LEGEND OF CURSUM etc... He also composed for professional games on PC and games consoles, and may have done original album too.

Go and see by yourself the vastness of his works on his site:
Music and a simple life

Enemy boss will also remind you their glorious ancestors in some points, but beware, inspired work doesn't mean vulgar copy without originality. On the contrary, I was fully satisfied by the 7 stages of this RALLY RAID (even if it's not the same pleasure than a good COMPILE shoot for me), and I dare pretend that this software is the best shooting game I saw on PC, never seen another one quite like this, so RALLY RAID win his award indisputably .

Ending gallery

End spoiler and game staff

In the future, I wish I can write about such good shooting games in this rubric and also present you others fan games, RALLY RAID production proves that there is a great potential in amateur games circle. So wait and see, enjoy the pictures gallery until then.

If you want to know more (in japanese) and above all download RALLY RAID or others shooting games from TWINKLE SOFT, don't hesitate to visit their site: