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Wander Wonder jacket
612x842 (103k)

WANDER WONDER is an action-rpg gmae in CD ROM for PC, made by COMPILE. I infortunatly do not possess this game, but it seems to possess all the elements to do a great game of the genre, and seeing the screenshots we can say the graphics are good, don't you think ? I think all user can get a palyable trial version by mail, if I succeed in getting one I will be back to present you a little bit more this WANDER WONDER, only remains the Japanese menu that I can't understand to stop me on the official site (here you can get more infos if you want.)

The game is in the tradition of YS, LANDSTALKER and others THOR in a general way of comparison, the main character GINO BRODIA have a lot of abilities and have help of numerous objects in his quest (magic, running, bombs, shield, sword, power gloves, bow gun and more, the perfect stuff of the wandering adventurer). The other main character of WANDER WONDER is TIA SHYANTI , because every good adventures needs generally a wowan.

That's all for this quick presentation of the game, the best for you is to take a look at all the screenshots for your own opinion.

430x320 (73k)