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Presentation at the Tokyo Game Show

photo given by Adoru, thanxi Adoru (480x640, 63k)

During the presentation at the Tokyo Game Show, COMPILE also showed a little video relating a part of their history in the shooting domain, sort of trailer for fans to pass time before the release. I propose this video because the music is a remix of ZANAC theme which is not the remix we can hear in the currents demos of the game.

COMPILE trailer : 600 ko (Real Media)

Here are the first images presented of the new ZANAC episode, it seems that there is an evolution since then, in the design and game interface.

The mechanical design had changed a lot too :

Here is the SCAR-FACE ancestor
And that's what was before the KNIFE-EDGE, pretty much evolution, isn't it

The new screenshots of ZANAC NEO are so differents that I guess the ancients ones are from a beta-version and will not be in the final version logically. This page will still be for memory and testify of the work in progress of the develloping staff.