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A ROM cartridge for FAMICOM / NES, released by TONKIN HOUSE in 1990, one more time it's a vertical scrolling shooting game.

However, we can see something unusual ; the scenario in american version tells us about a solar system in a paralell universe on which people usually create synthetic objects and even worlds. But one day, the machinery went mad, and from that day every things got corrupted and became a threat for humans (beware of genetically modified corps!), I said every things, to rabbits which became robot killer rabbits to carots changed into homing missiles, everything is possible.
Against this terrible menace, only one man can save the world, the commander Gun-Nac, pilot and son of the legendary Xan (Xan-Nac ? sound like something I know well, I'm not lying, everything is written in the manual), Xan must have saved the universe too in his youth.

You must have understood that the plot is not serious at all, it's a good reason to make a parody of ZANAC and ALESTE series, crazy enemy "ships" take place of the usual ones as in PARODIUS (I personally like the bank stage in GUNNAC, rha all this money coming violently to me...).
We found things we know before, as the last stage which reminds me of the last stage of ALESTE 2 on MSX, there is a lot of references (some musics, or when the power up are delivered, who do that? Not a mechanical ship but a strange thing which look familiar with its strange blue and circle face. And so many more...).
Some news on the other hand in the weapon system, with bombs which upgrade if you remain loyal to the same bomb type, in this game it will be helpful.

But don't think GUNNAC is for kids with this particular aspect, it's truly COMPILE made and I promise you that last stage won't be funny, even in normal mode, I can say that, I wasn't laughing doing it as I was, kicking PARODIUS last boss. The game have several difficulty levels in option mode, another option which make enemies shoot one last time when they die, one particular option is also here to give prority to number of sprites or speed scrolling. This semi sequel of ZANAC is really a splendid example of programming, a full speed scrolling, a lot of speedy sprites, beautiful graphics for this old NES, I personally think it's the most beautiful shooting game on the FAMICOM, a proof that the company of PUYO PUYO can use to the maximum the capacities of game consoles, FAMICOM / NES still amazing after all the years, thanks to COMPILE.