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The famous IREM game converted by COMPILE (for SEGA) in 1988 on MARK-III (japanese name of MASTER SYSTEM). This ROM cartridge is great and the contents are well known, a legendary horizontal shooting game that you must have played at least one time in your life.

I will not lose much time on this well known game. I will mention that COMPILE has made really awesome great work, this version is one of the most nice to play (and in an only cartridge, not as the NEC version by that time), moreover programmed music are fully sounding COMPILE particular sound.
Another reason to remenber this game is the hidden stage in the fourth level, this hidden stage is original and can't be found in other versions (it also propose the best music of the game, an original COMPILE one), this super stage was fully created by this wonderful game creating team, to remind you of that level, here are some pictures :

For memory, here is the music theme in MIDI :

coded by
The Joystick Lunatic
Dr. Checks

The MIDI files are zipped with a txt file for infos (authors, coders, origins...) and the details and addresses of the people who have coded these MIDI files.

Caution, the Shibaken's MIDI and some others, I think, are made for sound cards like Roland SC-88, but it could sound well in general MIDI too, test them (for me, MIDI player is capricious even with general MIDI)


Hidden super stage : The entry lies in the 4th stage, at the almost end of the stage, when everything is almost covered by mechanic cells, there is a free space above with a metal pillar to the left, get to that space and get into the metal pillar by the bottom of your ship, and then enjoy the super stage.

Invincibility : I never tested this hint but I give it nevertheless, before the power on of your game console, maintain the first pad down/right direction, and second pad up/left direction and first button, then let power on your machine, wait the "press start message" then release all and begin the play.

Sound test : A the continue screen, with direction paddle make rolls in the counterclockwise way, and you will find it.. If in this sound test you maintain the 2nd button pressed (of the first pad) passing the sound 0 or 17, you will find that the sound gallery has 95 sounds (all sound effects and a sounding proof that COMPILE made the game).

12 credits : Some says there is a tips to get more than 12 credits, but I think 12 is enough to finish the game. This time at continue screen, make rolls in the clockwise way to get the credits.