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MOO NIITANI or MASAMITSU NIITANI of his real forename :
It's the big boss of the company named COMPILE, the producer (or vice producer now that SEGA invested in the firm to save it from disappearance), a video game company which started in the early 80's doing subcontracting for bigger firms like SEGA or NAMCO, and which finally gain independance with the MSX devellopment (on the console game market, COMPILE games were often released by others distributing companies). The firm became bigger and you must almost know one of their production : PUYO PUYO, the smashing wonderful puzzle game, in Europe and U.S.A .known as Dr robotnik mean bean machine on MD and kirby puzzle on SNES (if you don't know them, you missed something, what a pity!)).

Nevertheless, MOO NIITANI has not only a producer role, in the beginning of COMPILE, he was part of the little game makers team, he worked on games programming and directed some productions. This is not only a business man, I may even say it's not a business man at all (because of the near economical death of COMPILE ) It's more some kind of "soul" of the company, symbol of the friendly and fun-loving spirit, for example when he lend his voice to the Satan from PUYO SUN or to the CARBUNCLE, we can see him often, but not in role of the guy who sale the product only to get profits. A game was even made in the DISC STATIONS which parody him, He incarnates one of these japanese super heroes like GAVAN or ULTRA MAN ; a sentai role playing game with MOO NIITANI leading a double life, COMPILE life and fighting for justice against black Carbuncles robots.
For information, DISC STATION were COMPILE disk magazines with CD, or floppy disks in that time, where can be found original games, news, demos, COMPILE private jokes (and even horoscope on MSX)..., It make me regret this good old MSX spirit, when today a giant firm in home electronics try to fob off on everyone their game console as if they were selling washing machines, proposing games more and more conceived by sales representatives, and not made by creative designers.

This is why the announcement of a new ZANAC release, in good old 2D, is a slap given to all bad games made in a 2 sec time, with the sames 3D matrix and which are as genuine as silicone breasts. It's not so important if ZANAC does not sell much ; it will remains as a militant reminder of the good old time of 8bit machines, and I and certainly other people will greatly appreciate this Game.

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