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350x628 (103k)

In 1991, NAXAT release on PC-Engine this CD-ROM programmed by COMPILE, this new shooting game, with vertical scrolling as usual, will demonstrate the infinite talent of COMPILE in this domain.

SEIREISENSHI ALESTE (oops...some people still call it SPRIGGAN) can't deny its direct descendance of the also smashing M.U.S.H.A. ALESTE released one year before on MEGADRIVE, not only because of the programming team which is the same one, but also because of their ressemblances, if you play the 2 games in a same raw, you will understand
The plot tells us of the struggle of a world of magic, JYURA, against another world led by BURAIZUBARA-. The main source of JYURA's world is elemental power, which is used in giant combat armors, one of these combat armor is JEGGA and LICATO's one, the 2 main characters who fight against that threat, at least it's what I think I understood of the all scenario written in Japanese.

The game itself is as his direct ancestor, I mean perfect and above all the games of the same kind on PC-Engine. Even more recent games as SAPPHIRE (or SAPHAIA depending on the pronunciation) haven't dethroned it, even is SAPPHIRE is very good and propose a high level production (and visual effects as morphing boss), it is lacking of this little thing in game-play to reach the title of master-piece as this ALESTE / SPRIGGAN. The game production don't suffer to be only a simple CD-ROM of 1991, it's not piece of old junk, on the contrary, you will be able to judge as soon as screenshots will be ready.

Concerning the people who made this shooting-game master-piece come true, the staff in Japanes mention work of guys as MR. SAKODA and KATSUMI TANAKA to music making (and you can truly hear their 2 differents sound), and for the rest guys as KAZUYUKI NAKASHIMA, TOYAMA YUICHI, JANUS TERAMOTO, SHOJI YAMADA, MATS, JEMINI HIRONO (among many others), and of course the big boss of all these talented people MOO NIITANI.

Here is some sound extract in form of MIDI files to get a little idea :

coded by

The MIDI files are zipped with a txt file for infos (authors, coders, origins...) and the details and addresses of the people who have coded these MIDI files.

Caution, the Shibaken's MIDI and some others, I think, are made for sound cards like Roland SC-88, but it could sound well in general MIDI too, test them (for me, MIDI player is capricious even with general MIDI)


12 lives : During the game, press start to pause the play, then press II, select, I, select, II, select, I, select and that's it, 12 lives

Multi player game : With a five pads adaptator plugged, players 2 to 5 can interfere in the solo game, taking control of ally robots which are comind during the first stage (2 scenes), push run and select of the concerned pad when the robot shows up. The commands are limited, shooting and moving only, if you go out of game screen or if you're shot, you will lose your ship and you will be forced to wait another ally appearance. A funny thing to do is to take control of a lot of robot with the same player, so you can make an ugly amount or a perfect line of flying robots (don't complain if some get shot).